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Outsourcing Solutions for Language Service Providers


Elevate your Language Services - Tailored Outsourcing for LSPs

Flix Global Solutions Outsourcing Solutions - your trusted partner in expanding capacities and capabilities. We understand the challenges Language Service Providers face in scaling up to meet the demands of a global clientele. That's why we offer comprehensive outsourced services tailored to support your growth and ensure quality without compromise.

Tailored Solutions for Your Translation Needs

Exploring Different Types of Contracts for Translation Services

We specialize in empowering Language Service Providers with bespoke outsourcing solutions. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your overflow doesn't overflow your capacity. Partner with us to harness the synergy of expertise and innovation for every language project.

Comprehensive Outsourcing Solutions:

Tailored Translation Services:

  • Expert Translators: Access to a vast network of certified linguists in over 100 languages.
  • Industry Specialization: Expertise in various sectors, ensuring terminological precision.
  • Client-Specific Teams: Dedicated translators familiar with your clients' preferences and style guides.

Whether you have a one-time translation project, require ongoing language support, or need regular translations our flexible options have got you covered:

  • Scalable Solutions: Agile project management that scales with your project's size and complexity.
  • Transparent Workflow: Stay informed with our transparent, real-time project tracking and reporting.
  • Integrated Technology: Utilize our cutting-edge translation management systems for streamlined operations.

end-to-end B2B Solutions

Multilingual Communication Services, Translation, Localization, and much more

Our company provides services in multilingual communication, media localization, and web development solutions. We strive to offer high-quality services and ensure effective communication with our clients. Additionally, we specialize in adapting media content to suit the cultural nuances and requirements of different regions. Our web development solutions cater to the specific needs and goals of each client, ensuring their online presence is optimized for success.

Breaking Down Cultural Barriers: Empowering Cross-Border Communication

We offer language solutions for global communication and connection.

Our language solutions are designed to cater to your diverse communication needs. We offer a wide range of services that help you connect with audiences worldwide in an effective and meaningful way. With our expertise in translation, localization, transcreation, and cultural adaptation, we bridge linguistic gaps and ensure your messages are accurately conveyed in over 150 languages. From website localization and document translation to multilingual content creation, our language solutions empower government agencies and companies to achieve their unique communication objectives. With us, you can break down barriers, communicate with confidence, and forge meaningful connections in the global marketplace.

Complete Audiovisual Solutions

Our company offers solutions for immersive multimedia experiences with audio and visual components in multiple languages.

Our Complete Audiovisual Solutions offer a wide range of services, including audiovisual production, editing, post-production, and localization. Our team of industry experts utilizes cutting-edge technology to deliver immersive and high-quality multimedia experiences that captivate audiences across various platforms and languages. We take care of everything, from concept to final delivery, ensuring that your audiovisual content is visually stunning, sonically engaging, and effectively conveys your message to a global audience.

Transforming Digital Experiences Across Cultures

Captivate, Engage, and Inspire with Multilingual Transcription Solutions

Transcription is a process of converting audio or video recordings into written format. However, transcription is not as straightforward as it seems. It includes different types such as verbatim, edited, and intelligent transcription, among others. The choice of transcription type entirely depends on the client's needs. For instance, verbatim transcription captures every utterance, including filler words, while edited transcription omits irrelevant content. Similarly, intelligent transcription involves additional features, such as speaker identification and time-stamping, making it suitable for academic or legal purposes. 

The client's requirements for transcription depend on how they intend to use the written material. For example, a client may need transcription for creating subtitles for a video, generating transcripts for a podcast, or creating a legal record of a court proceeding. Therefore, transcription is a highly customized service, tailored to suit the client's specific needs.

Breaking Barriers: The Power of Online Interpreting Services.

Break Language Barriers, Foster Communication from Anywhere

Our online interpreting services, which include Over-the-Phone Interpreting (OPI) and Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), are changing the way language communication works in the digital era. Our platform is seamless and secure, allowing for quick and accurate interpretation for businesses, government agencies, and individuals all over the world. Our highly skilled interpreters are available 24/7 to bridge language barriers, facilitate effective communication, and promote understanding in various situations. Whether you need to make a phone call or participate in a video conference, our online interpreting services make it easy for you to communicate confidently and engage in meaningful conversations, regardless of where you are in the world. Discover limitless communication possibilities with our innovative OPI and VRI interpreting solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Translation Services with Flix Global Solutions

Our relationship with clients goes beyond mere service provision; we strive to build partnerships based on trust and mutual growth.

Q: What types of translation services do you offer to other LSPs?

A: We offer a full spectrum of translation services, including but not limited to legal, medical, technical, financial document translation, website localization, software and app localization, as well as multimedia translation for audio and visual content.

Q: How do you ensure the quality of translations?

A: Quality is at the forefront of our services. We employ native speakers with expertise in specific subject matters, utilize state-of-the-art translation memory tools, and follow a rigorous multi-step quality assurance process that includes editing and proofreading by separate linguists to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Q: Can you handle large-scale translation projects?

A: Absolutely. Our scalable solutions are designed to handle projects of any size. We leverage our global network of professional translators and project managers to ensure that large-scale projects are delivered with the same attention to detail and quality as smaller assignments.

Q: What makes your design and desktop publishing services suitable for LSPs?

A: Our design team is adept at handling the unique challenges of multilingual desktop publishing and graphic design. We ensure that translated content is correctly formatted and culturally appropriate, maintaining the visual impact and readability across all languages and platforms.

Q: Do you offer machine translation post-editing services?

A: Yes, we do. Our machine translation post-editing services combine the efficiency of AI translation tools with the nuanced understanding of human translators to deliver accurate and reliable translations quickly and cost-effectively.

Q: What is your turnaround time for projects?

A: Turnaround times can vary based on the complexity and size of the project. However, we pride ourselves on our efficient processes and the use of technology to ensure timely delivery. We work closely with our clients to establish deadlines that meet their schedules.

Q: How do you handle confidential information?

A: We take confidentiality seriously. All our team members adhere to strict non-disclosure agreements. We have robust data security protocols in place to protect all information entrusted to us throughout the translation process.

Q: How are your services priced?

A: Our pricing is competitive and transparent. We offer various pricing models depending on the project's nature, including per-word rates, hourly rates, and project-based pricing. We're happy to provide detailed quotes upon request.

Q: How can we start a project with you?

A: Starting a project is simple. Contact us through our website, email, or phone, and one of our project managers will guide you through our streamlined onboarding process.

Q: What support do you offer throughout the project lifecycle?

A: From the initial quote to the final delivery, our project managers will be in constant communication, providing updates and being available to address any concerns. We believe in transparent and continuous client engagement to ensure project success.

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